Privacy Policy

  • Who is collecting this information? 
    • Shopify, Amazon, Google, TSYS Merchant Solutions, and/or Facebook collect you basic information about you and your purchases such as: credit card numbers (if you make a purchase), email addresses, names, mailing addresses, IP addresses, demographic data, and activity on our site
  • When do you share it?
    • I do not share your information. Ever. Only the above stated companies see your information and any information I gather from them is kept to ourselves.
  • Where do you use this information?
    • I only use this information to know who is on my site and how I can better serve them. We also use the information provided to us to create ads so you can see our posts, information, products etc. We will also use your information to complete your purchases.
  • How do you protect sensitive identifiable information? (especially credit card numbers!)
    • We use a third party site to host and store all credit card information for purchases through our Shopify site (aka: we never have your credit card information on hand or on our computers). We also link to Amazon for you to complete your sales safely there.

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