The Wonder Of My Words

KIT KIDS started from a book that helps your child build their self confidence. 

Stages of FUN's founder, Mikala, decided to write a book that her daughters and she could add to their nightly bed time routine as well as encourage them (all!) to use more positive self talk. She loved how it turned out so much that she decided to share it with you and your family! This then in turn caused her create her own publishing company to be able to fully "self publish" and KIT Creatives & Publishing was formed.

The KIT Kids concept came from Mikala wanting each child to feel connected to her book. She decided to create merchandise with a baby fox (aka a kit) and turn it into an acronym for what she hopes our next generation believes of themselves: Kind, Inspiring, and Talented!

Cover Art of young girl and fox looking up at sunset with inspiring words.


What You'll Love About The Wonder of My Words

Easy To Read Along

A versed book that is cute enough to read at bedtime but powerful enough that you and your child can pull it out in times of difficulty for extra strength.

Promotes Self Confidence

A strong sense of self confidence can cause changes in a way a person reacts and feels about situations. This can create more positive outcomes and overall a more positive self image.

Create Lasting Memories

Create lasting memories while helping your children grow their inner strength.

Get Your Copy Today! 

  • The Wonder of My Words includes positive affirmations on every page PLUS an additional 65 positive affirmations your child and you can add to your nightly routine.
  • It has gorgeously illustrated pages that your child will relate to.
  • Created for both boys and girls
  • Perfect for ages 3-11 (might even help parents!)
  • The perfect addition for any home or school library

You will want to read The Wonder of My Words over and over with your child.