About Us

One random afternoon, Mikala was talking to her mother, Bonny. Mikala nonchalantly told her about an idea that popped into her head a few months back; an idea to bundle toys, book and developmental education into age appropriate kits. Kits that would make smart play time easier for busy parents. The idea snowballed into a full business! (and we don’t say that because we are from the snowy state of South Dakota). 

Just a few months later, we are packaging FUN for families that are specialized for their child's age. Mikala is the dreamer, business runner and has the expertise in child development to curate perfectly FUNctional play (as she is also a Dr. of Physical Therapy and mom to 2). Bonny is the brainstorming partner and support person on our mother-daughter team. 

We are striving to do our part in changing the way parents look at playtime by providing not only the best tools to play with but also the play ideas and knowledge parent’s need to lead a successful purposeful play time. 

Our hope is that our kits help you create FUNctional play most days and those play times turn into life long memories. We love being part of your family in this small way and welcome you into ours.

Helping you help your kids…through FUN!


Partners of Stages of FUN - Happy to Help parents be Heroes in Playtime


I'm a wife, mom, Doctor of Physical Therapy and a bit of a dare devil. When I'm not dreaming up a new idea or playing with my two daughters, you can find me looking up nearby concerts, finding the times of any new movie with dragons in it or probably buying some awesome patterned socks!


I went to the University of South Dakota (Go ‘Yotes!) for my Bachelor of Science degree and Rockhurst University for my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. 

Even though I may be a bit of a book-nerd, I was lucky enough to find a career that has allowed me to be creative every day. I also get to use my “strong-willed nature” (as my family likes to say) all while getting to help people! Physical therapy has provided me with inspiration for Stages of FUNdamentals. Not to say I hit the jackpot of careers...but I did!

Another source of inspiration for me has been my daughters, nieces and nephews. Playing with them while promoting their development is like a second nature to me.  I can't wait to help it be for you too. :) 


Playtime shouldn't be a chore. It should be FUN, creative and bring everybody joy. Have some FUN today!



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