What Should My Newborn Be Doing?

What Should My Newborn Be Doing?

What Should My Newborn Be Doing?

What the heck should my newborn baby be doing?

Easy.... Eat, sleep and be loved!

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"But, seriously? Like what milestones should they be reaching?" you ask.

Okay. Okay. There are some milestones your newborn should be reaching at this point and they can be important to watch for because if your child is not doing some of these tasks it may indicate your child has something that is preventing that. Some of those difficulties that prevent your child from meeting milestones may be torticollis (neck muscle tightness), hearing impairments and others. If not caught early, these can cause secondary impairments such as flatten heads and decreased motor skills.

Now I don't want you to fret and worry about having your child be the "first" to roll or worry if your child isn't meeting every milestone exactly on time. This is NOT the time to do that. This is the time to spend rocking, singing, reading, and loving on your baby as much as you can - while surviving the newborn phase. I mean it. Take care of yourself during this time! Get sleep. Drink water. Take a shower....but that is discussion for another post.


QUESTION: What exactly are milestones?

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Developmental milestones are physical abilities, language skills, and specific behaviors that babies and children gain as they grow. Each milestone has its own typical age range that a baby/child usually achieves that skill.

Remember * Children will develop at different rates and in different ways.

       Some kids gain their physical skills first but may be slower at gaining their language skills. In comparison, other children will excel in their cognitive skills initially and then gain their physical skills.

We as parents and guardians can influence our child’s development by providing an encouraging environment and new learning opportunities. This is also where Stages of FUN hopes to help you succeed; by giving you new ideas, activities, and toys with ways to promote typical development.

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Now that we know what a milestone is. What are they for your newborn babay? (I spelled it like that purposefully!) Here is short list of some milestones to look for in your 0-2 month old.


0-2 Month Milestones


Smiles randomly

Tries to look at who is holding them



Some random noises

Turns head towards a sound



Watches faces

Starts to follows/track items that are close to them


Gross Motor/Fine Motor

Lying on stomach/on ground or on parents chest – Baby should lift and turn

head both directions—to clear their nose from the surface

Bears weight on both feet (with knees flexed and flat feet) – supported by



Remember, babies and children are all unique and grow in just as unique ways.

Milestones are averages of what a baby should be doing at a specific age; not a hard and fast rule. Not meeting a few of a specific age’s milestones is not something to worry about. Just work on these skills and then “test” them again in a week or two.

If your baby is not meeting many of their milestones listed for a specific age and/or you have any other concerns about your child’s development, talk with your physician and/or contact your local Early Childhood Agency; such as “Birth to 3” in South Dakota (and several states), Missouri’s “First Steps” program, and “Babies Can’t Wait” in Georgia. They can help determine if there is any reason for concern, any potential causes, and/or treatment plans.

mother and father with newborn

Now, go love on that cutie-pa-tootie and come back to see what they should be doing at 3-4 months. They grow so stinking fast!


*Stages of FUN does not provide medical advice.

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