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Toy Rotation

Toy Rotation

A toy rotation is a handy way to keep your children interested in the toys you already have!
Have you ever heard the saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder?
I know it usually describes relationships but it works perfectly for the description of children and their toys.
Toy rotation is a simple concept but in my experience, rarely implemented.
Toy rotation is where you take a section of toys and put them away where your child can not play with them for a set amount of time. Then, after that amount of time has passed, you take those toys out and put other toys away.
The amount of time is completely up to your preference. Some common frequencies are 1 month, every other month and quarterly.
All you need are some large totes and a little time!
Toy Rotation Benefits:
  • Clean Up is Easier
  • Toys are used in new/creative ways
  • Less stimulation
  • Increased inventiveness
  • Everyday items are played with
  • More attention on a toy
  • Less clutter


I rotate about 1/3 of my daughter’s toys every other month - or so. Sometimes I will notice she isn’t playing with a specific toy very much and I will rotate out just that specific toy outside of the “regular” schedule.

I have advised this to many friends and families and the ones that have tried it love it!
They key is to this working is to NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY WITH THE PUT AWAY TOYS! Not even if they want to! If you do, why even put them away. That is why they need to be in a tote and put out of site. I have a spare bedroom’s closet they go into or the garage is another great place.
If you don’t have extra space try a tote that goes under a bed. Again, out of site, out of mind.
Then, when you rotate them, it is like Christmas all over!
Do you think you would like to try toy rotating?

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