K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Silly

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Silly

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Silly

As parents, we make things too complicated for ourselves.


We think supper, snacks, birthday parties, home decorations and playtime need to be things of a complicated nature to awe and inspire.


To keep up, our brains try to follow all those varied paths.

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We compare ourselves to those picture-perfect Pinterest™ pins (say that 4 times fast) and oogle at those oh so gorgeous Insta -feeds.


I'll have to admit I find myself swooning over some of those adorable and perfectly organized toy room pictures and those meals that look to die for but...


I’m here to tell you, instead of going above and beyond: KISS it!

K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Silly! 

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You don't have to the best play room to have purposeful play times.

You don't have to have a 3-course meal to have the best family supper.

And you don't have to have perfectly designed decor to make your house a home.


I’m challenging you to examine your life and pick one way you can simplify it and make room for something you enjoy as a family.


Simplifying your life can bring a sense of peace you haven't felt in a while.


 “The greatest ideas are the simplest.” — William Golding


Here are a few ways you can simplify activities or areas in your home:


Supper can be grilled cheese and tomato soup and your children and partner will probably adore you!

Get your crock pot out and use that thing. Plan out your meals ahead and only do 1 or 2 new/difficult recipes. We don’t need to have fancy complex meals to enjoy supper. What’s more important is time together!

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Do you spend time decorating your house? Wandering Hobby Lobby™ and wishing you could have the latest styles? It doesn’t have be to intricate to be beautiful.

Decorations can be a quick printed picture from your last day at the park (you know that picture that is living its life on your phone’s camera roll) or maybe a picture of pineapple - I mean it is "in" right now!

pineapples with pineapple picture

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A pretty paper binder that can easily hang up and change out your children’s drawings! These simple decorations will probably be your favorite because they mean something.

 Wall Art with Simple Clips

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And playtime. Oofta! Who has time to create a new play activity, craft idea and clean up from those listed, everyday? I know I wouldn’t, if it wasn’t my literal job! *.


You can simplify playtime are: first read my previous post about 6 ways to fit playtime into your busy schedule.

Then you need to organize the toys because we all know that after one play time session a play room can look like a tornado went off.

Play just for 10 minutes, play with blocks, or play in a blanket fort. I mean, who doesn’t love a blanket fort?!

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If you do just one of these tricks, you will feel more at peace and I bet you'll be able to take a deep breath and smile a little more relaxed.


After reading this, what comes to mind for you to simplify today? Is it one of the above listed activities? Or is it something completely different? If you’re still stumped, I’ve compiled a list of areas that can be simplified.


Areas and Activities, we can simplify in our lives:

  1. Meal Times
  2. House decorations
  3. Play time
  4. Your closet (sell or donate those clothes you haven’t worn in the last year)
  5. Your shoe bin (see above)
  6. Tupperware drawer
  7. Junk drawer (is that a thing where you live? Tell me in the comments!)
  8. Morning routine (Try showering at night or preparing breakfast the night before).
  9. Old computer files
  10. Spice drawer
  11. Utensil drawer
  12. Magazines/Newspapers
  13. Computer desk
  14. Make up routine
  15. Make up organizer
  16. Shower routine (do we reallllyyy need to wash our hair twice or use 13 different washes/lotions/aftershave/etc?)
  17. Sock drawer
  18. Mitten/glove tub
  19. Dressing Routine
  20. Game Closet


Tell me in the comments how you plan to simplify your life today. I’d love to hear it!


I am going to plan out my week and hopefully finish some super FUN posts for you guys on my @StagesofFUN Facebook & Instagram!

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*my Playful job  I’ve created Stages of FUN to help you..yes you!... create playtime that’s easy for you & FUN for your littles. In our play kits you get play ideas that coordinate with the toys and books included to help your child learn and gain their developmental milestones.


Stages of FUN also has a membership (launching soon) with a monthly calendar of play, snack and activity ideas to make it extra easy on you. We’re here to help you, help your kiddos have FUNctional play.


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